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So much is going on in the world that you may not even realize the mental and emotional load you’re carrying. It’s absolutely critical that you do the work of releasing the stress and tension you’re feeling. And writing is a simple and effective way to help you do that.

As a nurse, I’ve witnessed those who’ve experienced traumas and were simply unable to speak about what they had been through. But given the space to write down their thoughts and feelings, the healing process was able to begin.

Journal writing can help you better understand yourself and the events in your life, while boosting your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And it’s a practice that you can do at any time with very few resources.

Whether you want to reflect, express, heal or offer yourself care, journaling is an effective practice.

Because I seek to share solutions for healing and becoming the best version of you possible, and recognize the amazing power in simply writing things down, I’ve created the journal writing challenge, and invite you to join. Together, we’ll spend 5 days writing to heal and harness our power, so we can move forward with greater peace of mind, energized to accomplish our work in the world.

It’s easy to join. Enter your name and email address below and I’ll send you the details.

This challenge begins Monday, so tell your bestie and sign up now.

Let’s begin exercising the amazing power of simply writing things down and give space to the things in our life that need a bit more attention.

It’s time to write your way forward.

Do you currently write as a wellness practice? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Adrian Ferguson says:

    Hi Tracie!
    As a caregiver and FT worker and wife, mom,etc. It’s been a very hard journey. Yes I do journal when I can.
    As much as possible and with prayers for the bright and dark days. But GOD!

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