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Living Up to My Full Potential

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Living Up To My Full Potential | Tracie Braylock

I’m not living up to my full potential was the title of her post. A fellow entrepreneur was transparently sharing her truth about not pursuing her writing career.

She described how she has been successful in many areas of her life and career, yet, she knew she simply hadn’t put forth any effort towards writing, her true desire.

Her post resonated with me. I’ve learned how to occupy my time and accomplish seemingly meaningful goals. Yet, writing. Dear writing. It sits there day after day beckoning for attention, longing to be embraced and explored. And I smile, wave and keep going on my way.

Writing, technically speaking, is incorporated into every aspect of my business. Social media, blog posts, classes, web pages, articles, they all require written words and the process of writing. But the intentional act of curating words for a proposal and content for a book has different meaning for me.

As a writer, I want my words to be meaningful, to help produce a desired outcome, to help propel someone to another level of existence. And this takes time and faith and tenacity.

Thankfully, I’m equipped with all of these gifts and refuse to conceal them any longer.

So here I stand at the base of the mountain, and instead of dwelling at this altitude, I commit to the climb. I know there may be trials and treachery involved, but I’ll never reach the summit without beginning the journey.

And with obedience, I’m certain to become more and more like Him on the adventure ahead.

So as I dare greatly, I challenge you to do the same. Expand into your greatness and fulfill the purpose for your life.

Come on! We’ve got this.

What do you wish to accomplish that you continue to bypass day after day? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Padma Dyvine says:

    Looks like you are setting up your New Year Resolutions! Sending blessings for courage and steadfastness as you allow your light to shine more brightly

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