Lower Back Massage

Lower Back massages relieve tension while stretching and relaxing the body.
Technique: Begin by rolling a towel and placing it on the floor. Lie down on the floor with your lower back positioned over the towel. Use your feet to slowly slide back and forth over the towel to stretch your muscles. (You may also use a tennis ball, but you may need to cover it with a towel if it feels too hard.)
Now, roll onto your side and use your free arm to knead your back along the side of your spine. Repeat this several times, then roll over
and complete on the opposite side.
End by slowly standing, reach behind your back with both hands and firmly slide them down toward your buttocks. Repeat this several times, decreasing the pressure each time until you are just brushing the skin.
An alternative technique would be to use a tennis ball while standing against a wall. Place the tennis ball in a long sock or inside of pantyhose and lean on it against the wall. Focus on tense or extremely sore areas, but do not press directly upon your spine.

Author: traciebraylock

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