Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating | Tracie Braylock
Stop. Think. Eat.

Slowly. Intentionally. Thoroughly.

The practice of eating food on purpose to nourish your entire being – mind, body, spirit – this is mindful eating.

When was the last time you:

  • Slowed down long enough to savor your food?
  • Noticed every bite, look, taste, feel, smell?
  • Lingered at the table, not rushing off to check another thing off the to do list?

Eating should offer healing and a true sense of well-being. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the present moment with full awareness of your various senses. A chance to slow down, to savor, to give thanks.

This may take time, practice, focus and determination and it’s worth it. Mindful eating nourishes you; physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

So slow down. Take notice. Enjoy the fulfilling gift right in front of you. Then allow the practice to overflow to other areas of your life. You’ll be so glad you did.

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