National Author’s Day

Today is National Author’s Day, so I decided that this would be a great day to add a new page for my two books, Set the Atmosphere: Preparing for Parenthood with the Word of God & 
101 Affirmations for the Mother-to-Be.

Set the Atmosphere is a devotional full of scriptures to guide you throughout the preconception phase, pregnancy, labor, and the first few months of parenthood.  This book empowers you to have your best pregnancy and birth experience, while continuously building your relationship with God.

101 Affirmations for the Mother-to-Be includes affirmations (energized, power-filled, life-giving words) to inspire, empower, and uplift you throughout your pregnancy and labor.

Both books are available in ebook format for Kindle (Additional formats are coming).  Set the Atmosphere is also available as a paperback book.  Check them out here: Books.

I am currently writing several more books, so please continue to check the Books page for new releases!

P.S. If you’ve always longed to become an author, today is a great day to get started! You can do it! Your words can leave a lasting impact on the world, so don’t wait any longer. Today is your day!   

Author: traciebraylock

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