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Stop Editing Your Life

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Stop Editing Your Life | Tracie Braylock

What if you start believing that you’re amazing?

What would your life look and feel like?

Would you relax and enjoy a bit more? Would you rush and stress a bit less?

What if you stopped for just a moment to realize how awesome life already is?

We can become stuck in a cycle of self-improvement and achievement that makes it easy to forget how far we’ve come and how great things are.

So I challenge you to pause and savor the present moment. Recognize and celebrate right where you are and stop editing your life.

Believe that you are enough, have enough and have done enough to take a slower, more joy-filled approach to your everyday life.

And know that when it does become time to grow and change where you are, that you can navigate new experiences with ease and peace of mind.

Action – imperfect action – and gratitude are the keys to getting unstuck and unlocking a new way of viewing what you already have and what you’ve already accomplished.

I hope you know how amazing you truly are my friend.

Take a moment to tell me if you’ve ever been stuck editing your life and what you did to get unstuck.

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  1. Padma says:

    Intentions are so important. I have set the intention to notice, to be aware of the critic, the editor. And when I hear that voice in my head, I notice contraction. Recognizing that, I move to expansion, opening to what is true. If the action was not skillful, I can recognize it, accept it, and choose to not get stuck beating myself up and move on. Sometimes I replace negative perseverations with new messages or thoughts that are often the antithesis or an antidote to the message, depending upon the nature of the criticism, the edit. So when the editor, or critic says “don’t” or “can’t” again noticing the contraction, shifting in any number of different ways to expansion, which allows for acceptance of the critic/editor and moving beyond in body and mind. Thanks for this post.

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