The Lowline Lab NYC

The Lowline Lab | Tracie Braylock

I’m in love with New York City’s Lowline Lab. The Lowline plans to use innovative solar technology to create an underground park in a historic trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of the densely populated city.

Adding more green to any space, increases the likelihood that we’ll experience healing and a deeper sense of well-being. Spaces like the proposed Lowline are considered healing environments which are essential to our health, decreasing stress levels, offer space for reflection and simply adding more meaning to our lives.

The Lowline Lab is an open to the public laboratory that’s already thriving with dozens of plant varieties and mimicks the proposed future Lowline.

The Lowline Lab | Tracie Braylock

I’m looking forward to watching this project progress and hope urban gardens and green spaces continue to become a normal part of our current and future existence. 
The Lowline Lab | Tracie Braylock

Images via @lowlinenyc on Instagram

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