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The Roots of Purpose

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The Roots of Purpose | Tracie Braylock

I’m intrigued by the roots of purpose. I mean, what causes one person to quit an affluent position to start a business from scratch to serve people they’ve never met. Or what causes another to go without food on their own table to selflessly provide for those who have even less than they do. Or those who throw caution to the wind to share their art, their craft, their passion for the world to see because it’s what they live for; it’s who they are.

What nurtures those roots? What causes one to go for it again and again no matter what others think or say?

On the other side of this question, I wonder what causes one not to achieve their purpose? Not to go after a goal? Not to move, try or believe that what they desire to achieve is worth making happen.

As an encourager, I must believe that I can spark a change in perspective. I must believe that my words can provide hope to the hopeless, complacent & unloved. I must believe that my effort makes a difference and that I plant seeds that matter and impact lives.

It is my desire that each and every person knows that they have a purpose. I want everyone to know that their presence isn’t accidental, that their life isn’t only for themselves. You are here, at this time and in this space for your own magnificently unique purpose and no one else can fill your shoes.

I believe the mere seed of this truth can change the course of one’s life & outlook & bring them to a greater awareness of who they are intended to be. Because even if you don’t know what your purpose is, your belief that you have one will make you stronger & more determined with the life you do have.

So if you’re reading this and no one has ever told you, I’m telling you, you have a purpose in this world! Enjoy the journey of fulfilling it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that. 🙂 Very well timed, I must say!

    • traciebraylock says:

      Thank you Stephanie! I’m glad it’s helpful.

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