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What If It’s Not As Bad As It Looks?

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We knocked my plant down twice this week. I forgot to water it before leaving on vacation and it was in desperate need of attention.

The first time, the children caused it to fall. I placed the plant in a new location and they simply forgot it was there. They felt terrible about it.

But in my attempt to repair their minor damage, I completely knocked it down, exposing the roots, throwing soil across the room and fearing that the plant wouldn’t recover from such trauma.

I’ve really been loving on it since then, so much so that after describing it, my husband had to double check to see if I was still referring to the plant.

The plant seems to be doing okay even after the damage. Even the broken pieces are sprouting roots and the leaves look healthy and strong.

So this made me consider…

What if it’s not as bad as it looks?

What if exposing the roots and turning over the soil can actually re-energize you and offer you the nurturing you’re in desperate need of?

What if you can overcome the pain, get past the guilt and experience the freedom you’re longing for if only you were willing to shake things up a bit?

What if holding onto what you know and where you are because of your sense of safety and familiarity is an illusion that’s keeping you from moving towards your greater purpose?

Your mind is extremely powerful, just like the roots of my plant. It’s full of pathways that are strengthened by every thought you have and it continuously searches for ways to keep you safe.

But often you’ll outgrow your thoughts and you need a plan to renew them. Similar to a plant that needs to be re-potted.

If you leave the plant in a pot that’s too small, it won’t be able to get enough nutrients from the soil it’s in, its roots will search for a way out and water will quickly rush out of the pot unable to nourish the plant anyway.

If your thoughts are no longer being fed fresh truth, experiencing renewal and are too small to contain your big purpose, you’ll need to consider re-potting them.

Doing so isn’t as bad, painful or scary as it make look or as you’ve been telling yourself.

And you don’t ever have to do it alone.

So tell me….

What do you need to uproot from your life? Which areas are in desperate need of nourishment and nurturing?

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