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What to do when you lack social support

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The topic of friendship came up during our visit. I was asked if I had any close female friends. My answer was yes. I’ve been blessed to have a best friend for most of my life.

Then the comments started. ”Oh, well good for you.” “I’ve never had any close female friends.” “Wonder what that’s like?”

I couldn’t believe it. I was standing in the midst of some wonderful women and not one seemed to know what it was like to have true, long lasting friendship.

I honestly can’t imagine navigating life without my best friend. From the experiences we’ve shared to the conversations that would seem like complaining to anyone else, that are actually words of transparency and truth, to the trust, love and mutual respect. Whew! Thank God she’s been part of my journey.

That conversation opened my eyes to a real need amongst women of all ages, to be heard, seen and supported, to be able to pick up the phone at anytime and know someone familiar will be on the other end that can help you debrief, make decisions, talk you down and build you up. That’s a powerful and very necessary part of human existence.

The need for social support is woven into our being. Having deep, meaningful conversations and interactions that feed our soul is priceless. Having someone you can count on and be able to show up for to reciprocate the support is such a beautiful gift.

It takes a great amount of vulnerability, time and commitment to build and sustain a true friendship and you must be willing to show up in the same way you’d want your friend to show up for you.

So here’s what to do when you’re lacking social support.

1.Recognize your need for meaningful connections with other women

If you feel like you’re alone, struggling on life’s journey with no one to talk to, never feeling connected to someone or something outside of yourself, wishing you could bounce ideas off of someone else who you relate to, will just listen and who will understand, then you’re lacking meaningful connections.

2. Look for ways to make meaningful connections

There’s no shortage of people in the world, so you have to decide that you’re going to connect with them. You start by looking at the spaces you already spend your time, work, any groups you’re a part of, church, the grocery store, etc. If you always see the same people at the places where you go, chances are you have similar interests and might be pretty compatible.

Then start talking. Show up and demonstrate your interest for interaction and simply see where it leads. You may find that you have similar interests or you may find that you need to keep looking.

Just don’t give up. Keep putting yourself out there and you’ll begin to grow your circle of friends.

3. Tell others that you’re looking for more friends

Your co-workers, your mom, your neighbor. Someone will know of an opportunity to meet and connect with others. It may be a networking event or a cousin of someone in a similar situation as yours. Whatever the case may be, when you begin to take action on what you want, opportunities will begin to present themselves.

If you’re in need of deeper friendships and support, I’d like to invite you to learn more about The Holistic Habit. It’s my way of creating space for women to show up for themselves, to be heard, seen, feel connected, to learn from the wisdom and experiences of other women and receive the encouragement and support necessary for life’s journey.

We’re meant for connection, for relationship, for space where we belong. Open yourself up to the possibility of finding true friendships and you’ll begin to surround yourself with the support you’ve been missing.

So tell me in the comments, do you have a best friend(s)? If so, how has the relationship supported you over time? If not, have you felt like something, or someone, hashtag been missing?

You’re welcome to join Self-Care Conscious regardless of your friendship status. We’ll make sure you have the community you need to thrive. Leave your comment, then check us out here.

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