What’s Holistic Health and Why It Matters to You

You’re an amazing, multifaceted being. Your life, your experiences, your desires are all unique to you.

The same goes for your health.

Your overall health is impacted by the collection of elements that make you who you are, including your mind, body, spirit, relationships, the work you do, where and how you live, and the interconnection of your cells, organs and body systems.

Traditional Western Medicine tends to specialize in one organ or body system, instead of taking a holistic – whole person – approach to care. This traditional approach can lead to the treatment of outward symptoms, without ever fully addressing the root cause of the complex problems or providing long-term sustainable solutions.

In order to fully understand you and what’s going on with your physical health, all of the elements of who you are need to be explored, discussed and taken into consideration.  

Find care providers that want to do more than treat the problems. Seek care that’s interested in learning where the problem originated and how it’s impacted your entire life.

You want to be heard, given the time and space to express your concerns and describe what’s going on in your life and body so that you can get answers and solutions that are specific to you and your circumstances.

It’s important to know that a holistic approach is so much more than healthy eating or alternative treatments such as yoga and meditation. These wellness practices do promote and support your health, but are only parts of the whole picture.

A holistic approach honors the truth that you are the sum of all your parts and each part is equally significant and deserving of love, care and attention. It honors how masterfully interwoven you are and invites God to interact with, and ultimately, transform your entire being.

There’s no need to hide or compartmentalize any part of you. God desires you to be whole and well. 

So embrace this truth by taking care for every part of who you are, taking charge of your health and well-being and living the thriving life you’re capable of experiencing.

Do you currently take a holistic approach to your health and well-being? Tell me in the comments below. And remember to download your copy of Instant Relief for Toxic Thinking.

Author: traciebraylock

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