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3 Healthful Tips for a New Year

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A New Year represents a fresh start, full of new opportunities to achieve goals. You have another chance to realize your health and living potential and embrace the endless possibilities that await you. Your mind, body and spirit have the ability to complement or frustrate each other, causing you to feel whole, happy and healthy or stressed, ill and out of balance.  As you transition into this New Year, here are 3 healthful tips for a new year to help you on your health and wellness journey.

Ease into the New Year – Many people start the New Year making resolutions and plans for the changes they wish to make in their lives. This attempt to force yourself to change, however beneficial it may seem, may actually move you further away from your goals. An abrupt change can be short lived and may leave you feeling frustrated and defeated early in the year.

Instead, ease into the new year with an action plan of small steps you’d like to take over several months that will help you achieve your goals. Smaller changes over time increase the likelihood that you will maintain the changes and achieve your goals.

Nurture Yourself – It is essential that you take time to nurture your mind, body and spirit. This is not a selfish act, but a healthful practice. When you all well and feeling your best, you are able to take care of your responsibilities, encourage others to live healthful lives, and be present for the significant moments in your life.

Review your nutrition, exercise and relaxation plan. If they need adjustment, add those small changes to your goals for the year, along with ways to connect with matters that are significant to you and help you cultivate inner peace.

Express Gratitude – Gratitude can enhance your outlook, health, ability to heal and experience peace. This small act filters how you perceive the world, including the people in it and situations that occur in your life. Gratitude is also contagious in nature, enabling you to change the energy and atmosphere of the space you occupy.

Decide to make your New Year great as you care for every aspect of your life. Be thankful, ease into change and enjoy abundant health and wellness. Happy New Year!

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