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3 Reasons Why You Must Love Yourself First

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3 Reasons Why You Must Love Yourself First | Tracie Braylock

Love is generally thought of as an act or feelings demonstrated toward someone other than ourselves. We thrive from being loved, and healthful relationships make our lives more enjoyable.

By definition, love is the practice of caring for, showing kindness towards and feeling interest and enthusiasm in. All of which we can do and feel toward ourselves, helping to enhance our lives.

When we try to give love, or anything else, to others and we have not taken the time to give this gift to ourselves, we become drained, off balance and eventually unable to give more.

We must remember that self-love is not selfish when it’s done with the right intentions; to nourish and enrich our lives as we care for ourselves.

So, here are 3 Reasons Why You Must Love Yourself First:

1. Loving yourself requires you to know your worth. When you know how valuable you are, you make healthful choices, like eating well, getting rest and moving your body. Loving yourself first keeps you from neglecting yourself, which leads to feeling off balance, out of place and less the worthy of greatness in your life. When you’ve taken the time to love and care for yourself first, you are better equipped to meet the needs of others and give your best to any activity you participate in.

2. When you love yourself first, you recognize and accept who and where you are in life. You are less likely to try to prove or compare yourself to anyone because of this awareness. From this place, you can grow, develop and thrive.

3. Lastly, when you put forth the effort of loving yourself first, you get to know yourself on a deeper level and regularly improve who you are. You begin to get excited about life and the opportunity to become a better version of yourself each day.

Healing and healthful living begins when you take the time to love yourself first, meet your own needs and enjoy life just as you are. You are worthy of love and deserve to experience it in every area of your life. I hope you start to love yourself first today.

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