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5 Simple Ways to Show Yourself Love

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5 Simple Ways to Show Yourself Love | Tracie Braylock

You’ve heard these affirmations before:

I am significant.
I am worthy.
My life matters.

Each of these statements are powerful and true, yet; how often do we slow down and demonstrate to ourselves that we truly mean them?

Your health begins with you. Each of us must take responsibility for our wellness and show ourselves love on a regular basis. So, I’d like to share with you 5 Simple Ways to Show Yourself Love:

Know Your Worth

Your time, energy and life have value. When you understand your value, you make choices that are healthful and beneficial to your overall well-being. From eating well and exercising to getting enough sleep and doing things you enjoy, knowing your worth is one simple way to show yourself love daily.

Forgive Yourself

We all make mistakes. Forgiving and showering yourself with a bit of grace & compassion when things go wrong can go a long way. Push past your slip ups and view them as learning experiences that serve as stepping stones toward living a wiser life.

Say No

Learning to say no to things that don’t enhance your life or align with your purpose gives you the freedom to nourish yourself with the things that do. Say no confidently and without explanation to focus on your life and health goals and love yourself in the process.

Ask for Help

Asking for help is not a sign a weakness, but a sign of strength. Knowing when to bring in support to help you get the job done is another way to show yourself love. Never believe that you have to do it all or go at it alone. Resources are available to you if you are willing to ask for help.

Slow Down

Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of life. Learning to relax instead of participating in the art of busyness is a great way to love and care for you. A slower pace can help you to focus on and appreciate what’s already in your life as you work toward your goals.

Showing yourself love is the starting point for living your life healthy and whole. Begin to incorporate these simple practices into your daily life to nourish your health and well-being and to give yourself the love you deserve.

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  1. Love it! Simple, yet so powerful. Aren’t all things simple are the ones that truly make a huge difference? A beautiful reminder for my day today!

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