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3 Simple Ways to Break Free From Life’s Busyness and Commotion

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Just. Step. Away.

A seemingly simple action that requires steadfast intention.

We’re conditioned to be on – always.

To actively participate in every conversation, to show up for all the events, to respond to each notification and to continually be in the know.

This constant vigilance, however; is impractical, draining and, unchecked, can lead to a weariness that reaches the depths of your soul.

Rest is your birthright. Woven into your existence since the beginning of time. As essential as the air you breathe. But a choice you must seek after and agree to.

So how do you defy culturally embedded speed and hustle?

Here are 3 simple ways to break free from life’s busyness and commotion:

#1 // Create your own pace

You never have to keep pace with anyone other than you. Your needs, your goals, your time, your journey, your pace.

#2 // Realize the frequency at which you vibrate at your highest potential

You know that feeling of being in the zone? When everything is clicking? When you’re accomplishing all the things? That’s you vibrating at your highest potential. Begin to notice what led you there. Was it a full, restful night’s sleep? The time you spent meditating? The task that you were completing that you found enjoyable? When you realize what causes you to operate at your highest level, you’ll begin to thrive. 

#3 // Notice what things throw you off and knock you out of your lane

There are things, people, situations and places that negatively impact you. They cause you to dim your light or shrink. Become aware of these things and prepare for how you’ll approach them so that you can continue to shine and make the impact you’re designed to make. 

Being mindful that unrestricted busyness is a distraction that can exhaust your energy and burn you out, can help you overcome it.

You’re not meant to compete, but to complement, so if you’re always trying to keep up with everything and everyone else, you’ll lose yourself and deplete what you’re meant to offer.

Your healing, won’t happen by force and with reckless motion.

Your path requires peace, calm, stillness and attentiveness to your needs.

As you break free from life’s busyness and commotion, you’ll be propelled towards greater well-being and position yourself to thrive.

If you’ve become overwhelmed by life’s commotions and need help breaking free, click here to learn how Code Calm can help you.

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