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Add These 3 Essential Oils to Your Self-Care Routine

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Your self-care routine is as unique as you are.

It ebbs and flows with your needs and desires, delivering attention vital to maintaining your well-being.

Consciously sustaining, and expanding, your self-care routine means gathering diverse wellness resources, including essential oils.

Essential oils provides a simple pathway of support that can easily complement your other wellness practices.

Because we’re overflowing with essential oil options, I’ve intentionally chosen 3 essential oils for their versatility, ability to provide a well-rounded self-care experience and their ease of use.

So here are the 3 essential oils to add to your self-care routine.


Lavender essential oil is balancing and can help you maintain your calm. It can be used as a part of your skin care routine and added to your lotions and creams. You can diffuse lavender in the evenings to unwind, spray it on your pillows for a more restful sleep or add it to Epsom salt in a warm bath to create a spa-like retreat.


Bergamot essential oil has a light, citrusy aroma that offers a sense of calm and confidence. Bergamot can be used to create an environment that’s simultaneously uplifting and relaxing. It can be added to your nightly skin care regimen to create a smoother look. You can also use supplemental bergamot essential oil as a part of your nourishing tea ritual.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo essential oil is spiritually grounding and is great for maintaining emotional balance, cleansing a space and activating the body’s calming responses. You can use Palo Santo essential oil to help you remain centered in your yoga, meditation and breathwork practices and to deepen your spiritual awareness at any time.

Your self-care routine will remain fresh and unrestricted with essential oils, so start exploring your possibilities.

Ready to add these 3 essential oils to your self-care routine? Click here to get started.

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