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Let’s face it. We all have plenty to do – work, errands, children, household chores. The list could go on. But your list isn’t complete if it doesn’t include you on it. You may be thinking that you rarely have time for yourself and me-time isn’t an option with so much to do. Or maybe you do have time to spare throughout your day and want to be sure to maximize your moments.  Either response is a great reason to create a sacred space in your home where you can retreat to and be nourished.

Here are a 7 tips for creating a sacred space in your home.

1. Select a place in your home that is warm, inviting and can be dedicated to your daily nourishment routine.

2. Place pillows, bolsters, a yoga/exercise mat or a comfortable chair in your space. This prepares your space for time of reflection, prayer, and meditation.

3. Add plants to your space to boost oxygen levels and stimulate your senses with splashes of color and pleasing aromas.

4. Display artwork or pictures that a peaceful and serene and provide you with a sense of tranquility.

5. Listen to soft, relaxing music to enhance your time in your space.

6. Keep inspirational words and books in your space that will uplift and encourage you.

7. Be ready to express yourself. Keep a journal, canvas, or instrument in your space so you’re ready when inspiration hits you.

Our various spaces will be unique to our needs and preferences, yet, each of them will offer a space to heal, reflect and restore.

I enjoy the quiet moments of the morning when everyone is still asleep. I curl up under a blanket in my space (sometimes on my yoga mat) and I pray and meditate, or simply enjoy the silence. Other times, when I’m blessed to have both boys take an afternoon nap, I can return to my space, away from the toys and laundry that have inevitably piled up throughout the day and I can just be. I nurture myself.  I replenish. I prepare for the remainder of our day. I thank God for getting me this far and pray that He carries me through to the end.

As you begin to visit your sacred space everyday, you’ll find that you’re more relaxed, have greater clarity and are inspired to accomplish what lies ahead.

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