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How to Prevent Neglect from Leading to Disrepair

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I picked up the bag and the straps fell apart, disintegrating in my hand. I was devastated.

The purse was only put away for a season, as I brought out my heavier canvased purse for the colder winter months.

Not once did I think about the material of the straps and their need for attention.

I thought I was giving it a longer life by putting it away, untouched for a while. But sadly, that wasn’t the case.

I got over it. It was only a purse, but the crumbling straps remain a reminder to me of the impact of neglect in any area of our lives.

Whether it’s our health, relationships or spaces, they all need continuous attention to be maintained and improved, or they’re in jeopardy of falling apart.

Sometimes we think that our stuff will be there, in the same condition as it was when we left it.

We think we have the time and space to walk away for a while as we tend to the other stuff that’s occupying our time and attention, but this isn’t always true.

Our health can go completely haywire when we neglect the basics of self-care, like eating nutritious food, moving our bodies regularly, getting quality sleep, remaining hydrated and keeping stress in check.

Our relationships can collapse when we fail to communicate, acknowledge or appreciate the other person’s presence or spend meaningful, quality time connecting with the other person.

Our spaces can become a cluttered, disorganized mess if we don’t actively engage with it and take the time to understand what we have, why we have it, where it should go and how we can best utilize it.

So how do you prevent neglect from leading to disrepair?

You begin by reflecting on what’s actually important to you and what you wish to continue to have in your future.

These are the areas – people, places and things – that need your greatest attention.

So show up for yourself and continuously nurture the areas of your life that hold the most value and significance.

If you find that you have additional time and space for other pursuits, then by all means, continue them or add them to your current routine. But don’t ever allow neglect and mindless activities to keep you from the life you truly desire.

Be intentional about giving your time and attention to the things that matter most in your life and you won’t find yourself on a path of disrepair.

What area(s) of your life could use a bit more attention?

If you and your stress are in need of a bit more attention, I’ve created a self-study program called Code Calm to help you avoid the path of disrepair. You can learn more about it here.

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