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How to wake up earlier and have more time for yourself, mama

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Whether you’re longing for more time alone, want more space accomplish your personal goals or simply need a change of routine, waking up earlier is packed with benefits.

Increased productivity, decreased stress and enhanced clarity for the things you want to accomplish are just a few.

But with sleep being high on the charts of things moms miss the most, you may be wondering how you could possibly wake up any earlier than you already do.

Here a few practical tips for adjusting your routine when waking up earlier is your goal.

1. Transition slowly

Don’t try to wake up at 5am when you’re used to waking up at 9am. Waking up 30+ minutes earlier every day can actually be counterproductive. You may begin to battle with your internal clock and feel tired, cranky and out of sorts throughout the day. Make the transition by pushing your wake time back by 10-15 minutes over the course of a few weeks. This slow transition will make you more likely to stick with your new, earlier schedule.

2. Get organized the night before

Whether you plan to journal, meditate, sip tea, read a book or all of the above, having everything prepared and ready enables you to get the most out of your new routine.

If you have older children or are heading out to work, it’s also a great idea to have everyone’s clothes, backpacks and lunches prepared and out of the way. You won’t find yourself rushing or confused about how much time to dedicate to each activity.

3. Go to bed in enough time

Adjusting the time you wake up means you’ll also need to adjust the time you go to bed. It could be tempting to keep your current routine and still try waking up early, but it’s likely to hurt your progress.

Remember, the goal isn’t to sacrifice more sleep, but to realign the hours that you spend awake.

4. Don’t

There will be plenty of uneventful nights, but occasionally, your children will need extra care and attention. So if your child was sick, restless, crying or wide awake and you got little to no sleep, waking up earlier may leave you exhausted and miserable. Honoring your need for rest is more important than sticking to an earlier routine and is a great way to receive the same level of care that you give to your family.

5. Prepare for interruptions

When you begin to wake up earlier, your children may adjust their schedules as well. This may be a bit frustrating, but you can use it as a teachable moment. You can show your children what you’re up to, inviting them into your self-care routine, showing them the goals you’re trying to accomplish or the business you’re building.

You can also love on them for a bit and simply send them on their way. There’s no need for mom guilt to stand in your way. You get to choose how you use your time in your new, earlier routine.

So whether you’re missing some precious me time, need space to accomplish new goals or simply want to enhance your morning routine, waking up earlier is a great way to make that happen.

Be patient with yourself and your children and enjoy the benefits of rising earlier.

Looking for even more ways to care for yourself, mama? Check out The Meditated Mom self-care kit. It’s full of resources to help you thrive and bring the best version of yourself to your everyday life. Learn more.

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