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So let’s go global!
Asia Spirit Lodge & Spa in Koh Samui Thailand

This spa’s mission is to lift your body, mind and spirit to a higher level of awareness as you relax in a completely natural, ecological environment.

Any of the ancient healing techniques (massage, wraps, steams) will do.

After I’ve tried every spa service, I can retreat to the balcony of my room

to gaze at this amazing view of Gulf Archipelago!

Or I can relax inside my open-air room to enjoy this splendor. 
And when I need a bite to eat, it’s off to this beautiful dining space.

And as the evening comes to a close, I’ll pier out over the islands from here.

What a spectacular space & place to experience! The focus of health & rejuvenation that this spa offers is so appealing because Mommy Needs a Spa Day!
Click here to visit the Asia Spirit Lounge & Spa.

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