There’s so much noise. We’re constantly bombarded with information, news, highlights & everything in between; it’s nice to take time to get away from it all. It’s nice to turn off and tune out the world around you and remember who you are.

Embrace your purpose, stand tall, be free and give the world everything you have to offer. When you’re confident about who you are, the noise no longer overtakes you. The desire to be anything other than who you are flees and you’re left with the sweet simplicity of your marvelous presence.

Simplicity strips away all of the unnecessary, arduous burdens that attempt to heave themselves upon you, leaving behind transparency, clarity and stillness. Simplicity heals the soul.

Strive to live simply. Strive to see the simple beauty every day has to offer. Strive to represent simplicity through unconditional love and compassion. Strive to simply be.

Approach your health and your life with simplicity and grace, learning to forgive your mistakes and take healing, healthful steps toward your best life every day.

Live whole. Live simply. Live now.

Author: traciebraylock

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