Stress is Your Number One Enemy

Stress has been romanticized in our culture.

We’ve been told that it’s a necessary part of our existence and that stress is a motivator, helping us to accomplish our goals. We’ve heard this narrative for so long, that we’ve accepted it as a true story.

But this isn’t true.

Stress is pervasive, destructive and unlikely to ever offer you any benefit.

We’re not wired to function at our best when we’re faced with stress. Our wonderfully made body’s don’t even take the time to delineate between what we’ve been taught to believe are good, motivating sources of stress and bad, negative sources of stress. Stress is stress is stress. Whether it’s a trickle or a roar, stress needs to be confronted and eliminated so you can live the life you’re designed for.

Have heard of fight or flight? The idea that stress will tell us to stay and fight whatever we’re confronted with or run away from it.

What if we’re actually designed to do neither of the two? What if we were designed to immediately give whatever it is we’re faced with over to God and await His guidance as to how to address the matter? And what happened to letting God fight our battles and standing victorious in the face of challenges instead of fleeing from them?

Please don’t believe this plotline. You’re capable of more, made to experience peace and at your best when stress is not part of your description.

Stress is your number one enemy and the underlying source of most major illness and dis-ease, as it slowly – chronically – erodes away your well-being.

If you want to learn the truth about stress, how it’s actually impacting your life and how to get rid of it, join me for Code Calm. I’ll teach you the truth about how you’re wired so you can optimize your well-being and experience the health and thriving life God designed you for.

Author: traciebraylock

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