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Visual evidence of change is more recognizable than what’s unseen. So let’s compare mental health to physical health for renewed perspective and greater understanding.

When someone gains a significant amount of weight, it’s obvious. Their frame has changed shape and size.

When someone has a clogged artery that’s blocking the flow of blood necessary to sustain life, you can dissect the artery and visually see the plaque buildup.

When someone loses an extremity that was previously there, they have to relearn how to function, with or without a prosthetic, and navigating the world, at least initially, is a bit different.

So let’s view the mental in a similar way.

When someone is bogged down with ceaseless, uncontrolled thoughts, it adds invisible, yet real weight in their mind.

When someone continuously experiences negative, untrue or impractical thoughts, they build up, stick together and block out truth and slow the free flow of joyful and right thinking in their minds.

When someone is hurt mentally and emotionally and does not heal the thoughts and feelings with forgiveness, love and acceptance, the mind can begin to feel cut off from the relationships, peace and the comfort that was previously there.

Thoughts create matter. And although you can’t see them or experience someone else’s, they are there and they are real.

What’s critical to learn to do is control the thoughts – to guide, direct, delete and dictate what goes on in your mind.

You have control over what you watch, listen to, believe and repeat to yourself each and every day.

If the narrative you’re rehearsing isn’t true, is out of alignment with your life goals, is what someone else has told you you are, should be, can’t be, etc., you have to learn a new script. You’re in charge of embracing the truth, making it your new narrative and intentionally proceeding with better thought behavior.

We must realize that most of what we’re experiencing is mental and spiritual in nature. Until we stop trying to see, make decisions and navigate this life with what’s only visible to the natural eye, we will continue to experience off the chart rates of every kind of illness.

Your true identity is healed, whole and well. Embrace that truth, rehearse it indefinitely and actively practice being transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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  1. Robin Charney says:

    “until we stop trying to see…” This part resonates with me! thank you Tracie!

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